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I'm Jennifer

If you’re reading this, it is safe to assume you’re hurting .  Perhaps you’ve tried many things; read many books, thousands of analytical conversations with friends. Perhaps even have tried therapy before now. 

Somehow hoping that the next thing you read or hear will finally heal you. This A-ha! moment will be the one that sticks.

That you would finally be ready for that relationship you really want.

That you would finally be able to look in the mirror and love not only what you see, but who you see.

Or let go of what you wish you could of done differently,better, or more in that relationship that ended.

Or that you would be able to have the courage to live the life that you know deep down you are meant for.

Or to make peace with the hopes and expectations of where you thought you’d be, or with who you thought you’d be by now.

This is unresolved grief. and I know the pain first hand of unresolved grief. And how it grows and stifles.  And changes the lens that we see our life and relationships through.

A sense of not being good enough.

Ever wondered how to heal?

How to stop scrambling to connect and care for others when I am really the one that needs to be taken care of?

How do I learn to say no and not just “Yes, because I don’t know how to say no”?

How do I let go of the should have, could have, would have’s and learn to embrace this only moment I really have..this very one?

To get to what’s real. Without all the overthinking about all those things that feel like they really matter. To have the awareness to identify and focus on those things we can change, rather than those we can’t(and really have no business changing).

Using transformative methods, that can help you regain a sense of enoughness and well being and increase trust within. Gain access to the infinite calm and wisdom within you. 

Grief Recovery Method - transforming in the way we look at relationships and events that have caused me pain. Through unresolved grief counseling, I will guide you in identifying and communicating your emotional truth to let go of the past pain and see your life through a completely different lens, joy and gratitude.

Internal Family Systems - a beautiful, powerful method to increase compassion and curiosity to all parts of us in order to build trust and reparent with love and safety some of the child like parts that didn't get what they needed growing up.    

Brainspotting- An amazing, focused mindfulness method which uses your eye placement to process through thoughts and feelings that need to be processed.   

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